BRIO at last!!

The first gig for the band is coming up on August 7th at House of Blues in San Diego- and we’re as ready as we’re ever going to be. I’m really excited!  How can I go wrong with the lineup of Steve Sykes (guitar), Doug Lunn (bass), and Kevin Stevens (drums). Oh , and there’s me, too -fronting the band with guitar and vocals.





The past couple of months have been fairly busy for me, with teaching and working on song arrangements for my band. There’s now a total of twelve songs ( a set’s worth of material) with charts to follow. Having a “book” will allow it to be easier to bring in different musicians. Good news is, the band has a name (for now)….BRIO.

Brio; a musical term for “spirited, alive, with vivacity and wit”

That about covers it for me!


This month is already starting off to be a good one. I’ve had the opportunity (privilege) of playing with some great players these past couple of weeks and know that when the band does come together- it will be killer!

It’s now the end of February and the company of great musicians continued when I visited my home town of Seattle for my birthday last week. My intention was to spend a quiet birthday with family and friends – which I did- but music plans happened despite that!         I now basically have a ready -to -go rhythm  section when I plan to do some Seattle shows. These are some of my favorite musicians and it’s so much fun to bring the two worlds of Seattle and LA together! Also,  It was just awesome and inspiring to see the support I got from my peers .I didn’t realize I still have that kind of a following from where it all began…

Back in LA, I’m recording  demos of the two new songs I’ve just written and teaching them to the “band” . The band (besides myself and Steve Sykes) pretty much has a bass player , but is still looking for the right drummer….and the right name! Hopefully , this will work itself out because I want to do some live shows before I go into the studio to cut my CD , which was planned to take place in Spring/Summer of this year. Right now, I’m hanging on for the ride!


New Year

The last couple of years , there were a lot of unexpected turns that occured in my career life. I was asked to sub for a guitar teacher which turned into a part time occupation – which in turn prepared me for what was to come next. Giving guitar clinics to crowds at The CMS (Christian Musician Summit) and various Guitar Shows.  A featured article called The Passion of Playing” in Christian Musician Magazine (Jan- Feb 2011) followed, and that was the beginning of being active in the public eye again.

It was during this time, I was hired to do something else new. To write, perform and produce ten cues for a tv/film library.This was one of the funnest , creative times I’ve had in a long time! Maybe it  it will even turn out to be financially rewarding, too.

Skipping ahead to the New Year 2012, I decided now was the time to play live again and  put  a CD out of my own material . Now, to think about a band…..

I am thrilled about my musical pairing  with guitarist/engineer/ producer, Steve Sykes . I  had met Steve in the 80’s and worked with him when I  joined The Babys.  I hadnt seen him until a couple of years ago when I ran into him at a club. Between the two of us , we know a lot of great musicians in the L.A. area, but finding the right bass player and drummer who are available is not so easy. I’m not worried , though. In fact, I’m excited !


NAMM 2012; Steve Sykes, Gregg Bissonette, Chrissy Shefts

Until the rest of the band is discovered, Steve and I have been working on really cool two-guitar arrangements.Since the band line-up I want is 2 guitars, bass and drums it’s really important that the guitars have a unique voice to them. And… they do.