New Year

The last couple of years , there were a lot of unexpected turns that occured in my career life. I was asked to sub for a guitar teacher which turned into a part time occupation – which in turn prepared me for what was to come next. Giving guitar clinics to crowds at The CMS (Christian Musician Summit) and various Guitar Shows.  A featured article called The Passion of Playing” in Christian Musician Magazine (Jan- Feb 2011) followed, and that was the beginning of being active in the public eye again.

It was during this time, I was hired to do something else new. To write, perform and produce ten cues for a tv/film library.This was one of the funnest , creative times I’ve had in a long time! Maybe it  it will even turn out to be financially rewarding, too.

Skipping ahead to the New Year 2012, I decided now was the time to play live again and  put  a CD out of my own material . Now, to think about a band…..

I am thrilled about my musical pairing  with guitarist/engineer/ producer, Steve Sykes . I  had met Steve in the 80’s and worked with him when I  joined The Babys.  I hadnt seen him until a couple of years ago when I ran into him at a club. Between the two of us , we know a lot of great musicians in the L.A. area, but finding the right bass player and drummer who are available is not so easy. I’m not worried , though. In fact, I’m excited !


NAMM 2012; Steve Sykes, Gregg Bissonette, Chrissy Shefts

Until the rest of the band is discovered, Steve and I have been working on really cool two-guitar arrangements.Since the band line-up I want is 2 guitars, bass and drums it’s really important that the guitars have a unique voice to them. And… they do.


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