Chrissy Shefts became interested in music from a very young age. Her grandfather got her music lessons when she began playing Beethoven on the piano by ear at age 7. Interest in the guitar happened later when she was in junior high school and was introduced to the British Invasion. She began playing seriously in high school when she joined the school’s Jazz Ensemble which performed with notable musicians including Louis Bellson and Maynard Ferguson.
I have known and worked with Chrissy for many years. I support and believe in her great musical gift.

The world really needs to know what she has to say to us. I know all will be touched by her music as I have been!

By the time she graduated, she was actively playing with cover bands locally in Seattle. She was spotted by Heart’s producer, Mike Flicker, who brought her into a group he was then producing, Dixon House Band. This led to her first professional recording for MCA / Infinity Records, “Fighting Alone.” Afterward, she toured as part of the opening act for Heart, and that led to her playing on the title track of their record “Bebe-le-Strange.”

During this seminal period, Chrissy was writing and recording a number of songs and won a Seattle radio station contest. That recording found its way to the English band, The Babys. Two of their members had just left the group (Jonathan Cain to join Journey and John Waite to go solo). The Babys recruited Chrissy to join them and front the band. They spent a number of months writing together, but the band folded and Chrissy joined with the bassist, Rick Phillips, to form their own group, Menage a Trois. It was during this time that Chrissy’s song, “Best Kept Man,” was covered by Sheena Easton on her Gold Record "Best Kept Secret".

Chrissy went on to become a member of “House of Schock” (Go-Go’s drummer Gina Schock’s band) which recorded an album for Capitol Records. The album included a song she co-wrote with Schock, “Never Be Enough.” Although there was no follow-up record, Chrissy was asked to join A & M artists "The Graces" featuring Charlotte Caffey (Go-Go’s). She also worked with Dave Allen in “Low Pop Suicide.”
Soon after, producer Trevor Horn introduced Chrissy to the then - unknown artist Seal. She and Seal worked together and she played all the guitars on the single “Crazy.” Immediately after, she was asked to go to London to work on the rest of the album. While there, she was the session guitarist on a number of recordings in which Trevor was involved, including the soundtrack for the feature film “Days of Thunder” with music by Hans Zimmer.
Amazing guitar playing and vocal ability... Chrissy's great musicianship, humility and knowing just what to play in any musical environment makes her a standout performer...

She is a musical force to be reckoned with!

Chrissy returned to Los Angeles to do studio session work for a variety of recording artists including Rod Stewart, Belinda Carlisle, The Graces, and Redd Kross. She also became active performing live with artist / writer David Batteau, as well as with her own band, Twelve Year Old Boy.

Chrissy continues to compose, travel, and work, commuting between Los Angeles, Seattle, and Nashville. In early 2011, an article on Chrissy entitled “The Passion of Playing” appeared in Christian Musician Magazine.

She is currently writing and producing music cues for television and film and preparing her own CD for release with her band "Brio".