Rod Stewart
Chrissy Shefts, acoustic and electric guitars on "Your Song" from the "Two Rooms" LP, celebrating the music of Elton John and Bernie Taupin.
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Rod Stewart • "Two Rooms"
Trevor Horn, Producer


Chrissy Shefts, electric guitar on the title track of the "Bebe le Strange" album.

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Heart • "Bebe le Strange"
Heart, Producer

Chrissy Shefts, all guitars on the Grammy winning single "Crazy".
Guitars on various tracks from the album "SEAL".
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Seal • "Crazy"
Trevor Horn, Producer

Gina Schock
Chrissy Shefts, all guitars and co-writer of the single "Never Be Enough" Gina's solo album "House of Schock".
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Gina Schock • "House of Schock"
Chris Sanford, Producer

Sheena Easton

Chrissy Shefts
"Best Kept Man"

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Sheena Easton • "Best Kept Secret"
Greg Mathieson, Producer

Belinda Carlisle
Chrissy Shefts, electric guitar on "Listen to Love", guitars and electric sitar on "Love In the Key of C" from the album "A Woman And A Man".
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Belinda Carlisle • "A Woman & A Man"
David Tickle, Producer

Dixon House Band
Chrissy Shefts
Guitars, Vocals : "Fighting Alone" (album)
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Dixon House Band • "Fighting Alone"
Mike Flicker, Producer

Redd Kross

Chrissy Shefts
Guitars on "Super Sunny Christmas"

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Redd Kross • "Super Sunny Christmas"
Redd Kross, Producer

Tasmin Archer
Chrissy Shefts
Remix of "Sleeping Satellite"
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Tasmin Archer • "Sleeping Satellite"
Tony Phillips & Trevor Horn, Producers


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Film : Bull Durham
Scoring Session Guitarist

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Film : The Accused
Scoring Session Guitarist

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Film : Days of Thunder
Scoring Session Guitarist


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"Soul Train"
Performer : Guitar and Vocals

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"Top of the Pops"
Performer : Guitar and Vocals

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"NFL on FOX"
Guitarist in the House Band

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"Solid Gold"
Performer : Guitar and Vocals